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How Much Fat Does Gelato Contain?

There are many important differences between gelato and normal industrial ice cream including the freshness and the special texture that you get with gelato. But gelato is probably best known as a low fat alternative to standard ice cream. So just how much fat does gelato contain?

The fat content of artisanal gelato varies from 0% for the fruit sorbet style gelato to between 4% and 8% for the creamy style gelato’s. Normal industrial ice cream has fat content levels of between 10% and 18% (premium ice cream typically contains more fat to provide that smooth, creamy texture).

So if you want zero fat you should stick with our fruit sorbet selections, but even if you choose our creamiest gelato style you will still be consuming considerably less fat than the ‘lightest’ industrial ice cream.

This makes gelato the sort of ice cream you can eat regularly without having to worry too much about your fat intake while still enjoy a fresh, smooth, delicious ice cream.

So, zero or very low fat content, hand made in Port Douglas, and a selection of flavours that will make your mouth water. The perfect ice cream for a holiday in the tropics!

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